Integrity Pictures
Integrity Pictures



Toronto-based film production company

Mission Statement: To be a conduit for people of all walks of life to tell their story in a visual way with meaning, compassion, and integrity.

Integrity Pictures focuses on projects that tell real stories about the human experience. My ambition is to tell stories that center around women and depict women as the multi-dimensional wonders we are. I strongly believe that the content we consume can impact how we see the world and I want to see more female characters on screen that are realistic and relatable.

Active Projects

Homemade (Web Series) - In Pre-Production

Food documentary web series putting the spotlight on home cooks, their treasured family recipes, and the stories behind them.

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The Sex Act (Short) - In Post-Production

Set in the 1970s, a middle-school student Ellen, who is unhappy with the sex ed program at her school, teaches herself what the adults won't and starts a secret club for her friends to spread the word.

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