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Homemade - Food documentary web series


About the series

The vision for Homemade is to tell stories about real home cooks across a diverse range of cultural backgrounds and learn about their most treasured family recipes. Each episode will feature a home cook and stories that centre around their recipe. We'll learn about the origin of their dish, what makes it special, when it's served, and of course, how to make it.

Project status

In post-production! Stay tuned for updates on screenings.


My friend Mila volunteered to share her family’s corn soufflé recipe and the stories behind the dish for the latest proof-of-concept episode of Homemade, the food documentary web series. It is a traditional Haitian side dish served at special events, alongside meats and vegetables. It's creamy, cheesy, airy, and a little sweet from the corn. The base of the dish is a béchamel sauce which is driven by the French influence in Haiti, given it was a French colony. Click through to Vimeo for the recipe!

Teaser Episode

I put myself in front of the camera for this teaser episode to share the vision, tone, and style of the series. The web series is meant to be shot food documentary style as opposed to instructional.