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The Sex Act by Madelyn Rideout


About the film

"The year is 1975. Ellen, a girl in middle school, decides to seek out her own sexual education when she’s dissatisfied with the lesson she’s given in school. She discovers a world of knowledge so incredible, she decides to gather her neighbourhood friends and start their own “sex ed club”, much to the dismay of her parents.

The Sex Act is a short film about a young girl who just wants comprehensive sex ed!" - Madelyn Rideout, Writer / Director of The Sex Act (Short Film)

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The film is complete!



EXCITING NEWS. The film premiered at the Toronto Shorts International Film Festival on November 17th, 2019.

Stay tuned for additional screenings!


Brampton Guardian

“You will live inside your body for the rest of your life and probably want to continue experience your sexuality for as long as you can — don’t you want to be educated?” - Madelyn Rideout

NOW Toronto

"Director and recent Concordia University grad Madelyn Rideouts short film The Sex Act satirizes Ford’s decision to roll back Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum." - Jordana Goldman